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Michael Krassenberg, allready 37 years active in the music business. In the 80's he played with the symphonic rock band TARE and the AZA band. He has, among others, collaborated with with producer Alfred Lagarde who presented the famous radio show 'Countdown Cafe'. Michael also worked with Daniel Sahuleka and Kaz Lux of the band Brainbox.

Later on he was asked to perform for the Swiss band 'Krokus' where he sadly had to say no, because he was to busy with touring and writing. During his tour in 2008 he went to Romania and played for 30.000 people at an open air festival. In 2008 he was part of the bluesrockband Wide Open. With Wide Open he attended the popular Bospop Festival in Weert with this band along side with acts as ZZ Top, Santana and Europe. Among WIDE OPEN he plays with 'Trailer Trash Tremblers'. These guys toured throught America and Europe, as the only recognized Southern Rock band in Europe.

Besides all these bands and projects he also performs in the classic rock band 'The Marshalls'. With The Marshalls he performed at the big festival called 'Zwarte Cross'. Michael his guitar work is proprietary and unique, but obviously you hear his influencesy like Michael Schenker, Garry Moore Joe Bonnamassa & Neal Schon. / / Facebook

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